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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fluke Interview?

    I had an interview today with a company in Everett that didnt go as planned. I arrived on time and my first two interviews went as planned, maybe a little faster than normal even. However, after that things took a turn.
    I waited in the conference room where the interviews where being held for 50 minutes before the hiring manager came in. I called the hiring manager three times during the 50 mintues and sent him an email trying to find out what was going on. I even had to result to calling the HR rep that I met with twice to find out what the situation was. Needless to say I was not thrilled about the waiting and anticipation. Just as I think things are getting back on track the hiring manager takes a phone call. The phone call was from one of the people I was suppose to meet with and it turns out he couldnt make it. So I was escorted out and told we would reschedule.
    After being treated with this lack of respect I am not sure I even want to continue to go down the interview process. I am an external candidate that they pursued. I didnt apply to their posistion they recruited me. I took time out of my day to come to their headquarters and meet with their people. If this is the way they treat their potential employees how do they treat their actual employees?


  1. #epicfail

    A job interview is not just about a company evaluating a candidate. The candidate is evaluating the company.

    If the manager/company would treat a potential recruit with such a lack of respect for their time, I would be concerned about this lack of respect an employee. Internal meetings? Schedules? Deadlines?

    Minimally this reflects poorly on the manager. More significantly this reflects unfavorably on the company.