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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Pathfinder

A few months ago I told myself I needed to get a new vehicle but never really did any physical shopping. I told myself I just needed the Pathy to get 200,000 miles and I'd find something new. Well last weekend she gave up. It is very ironic she just hit 200,000 miles the week before and the day before she died she drove me and the Poochild out to the coast for one last surf trip. I have had the pathy for the last 5 years and she was a great vehicle. RIP Pathfinder

I've been looking for a truck now for about a week. I've test driven one fully loaded 06 Sierra. I still need to go and look at a few more vehicles and try to find what's going to be the best price and the best vehicle for me. I really would like to find something this weekend so my younger brother can have his car back but more than that I'd like to have my own vehicle again. I'm tempted just to fix the pathy but it's time to let the old girl go.... or is it?

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